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September 18th, 2011

For SHELTER, Henny has created a series of textile covered screens that will be hung to make an elegant but enclosed space. Each of the fabric frames have been decorated by unthreading the original textile weave to make a series of graphic shapes in the material that create subtle opaque windows. This simple process works to offer more with less.

Show Photos of Studio Henny van Nistelrooy at Tent London 2011.

September visit to Henny’s studio

Experimenting with different materials and unthreading patterns.

Henny van Nistelrooy has long been fascinated by and focused on working with textiles; from light shades made out of metres of jacquard-woven fabric, to robust furniture made out of Kevlar fibre, his practice continues to raise pertinent questions and provide intelligent design solutions by innovating new processes and combinations between traditionally made and highly technological textiles.


September 18th, 2011

For SHELTER, Shell has created a collection of individually upholstered giant building blocks and asks visitors to build their own Shelter. The 35 tetris-shaped building blocks can be laid-out or stacked high with the form, structure and element of privacy of each shelter determined by the builders themselves – an opportunity no self-respecting child of the 80’s could pass-up.

Show Photos of Shell Thomas’ work at Tent London 2011.

Shell Thomas demonstrates the possibilities of her Shelter

The first block of many!

Shell Thomas is an Australian designer based in London. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Furniture Design, from London Metropolitan University. Her work spans product design, development and manufacture, and design for retail, taking-in interiors and 3D structural displays for bespoke visual merchandising, point of sale and free standing display units.

Her rocking horse Reggie the Eco Rocker, which we spotted at Tent 2010, was awarded the Product Innovation Award at the Not On The High Street Make Awards in 2011.


September 17th, 2011

For SHELTER WE.DO have made a loosely structured shelter that looks and feels like it has been inspired by the organic. Having built a machine that weaves fabric threads together to create lengths of rope that hang from a circular foundation on the ceiling the final shape of which is dictated by gravity. Tent TENT visitors can interact with and even swing on the mass of textile vines.

We Do Studio at Tent London 2011.

We.Do creating the textile ropes with their purpose-built machine.

Work in progress

Early Shelter prototypes

WE.DO STUDIO are a design collective made up of 6 product and textile designers: Claire-Anne O’Brien, Els Woldhek, Julian Bond, Lynn Tandler, Merel Karhof and Yoav Reches. Working collaboratively they challenge, discuss, seek and create design informed by a diverse range of interests, ideas and skills.


September 16th, 2011

For Shelter, Lost Values has created a structure with a corporeal analogy; like the skin on our bodies, a shelter acts like a protective shell, shielding us from the elements. Cut Out – Cushion Cells are a series of hexagonal cushions, made from Bute fabrics. The shape is inspired by the form of skin cells under the microscope.

Lost Values’ Shelter at Tent London 2011.

Lost Values invites visitors to select and buy a cushion cell which then can be cut out and taken away. The cushion cells are embroidered with a thread that changes colour in the sunlight and within the centre or nucleus of each cushion cell sits a foldaway protective blanket or ‘skin’ that can be pulled out to shelter under. All the money raised from this project during Tent will be given to Shelter and Cancer Research UK.

Founder of Lost Values, Elena Corchero works to create objects that reference design’s rich heritage; its processes and traditions and melds these with technology, striving to uncover new and sensitive ways to create meaningful designed products for everyday contemporary life, which she hopes will be treasured and cared for. Acutely aware of the need to integrate sustainability into Lost Values works, she makes all the main pieces in her products to order, which allows for the incorporation of craft and personalization but also reduces waste and consumption.

Lost Values, Solar Vintage Fan


September 15th, 2011

For Shelter, Tortie Hoare has been inspired by Bute’s past and built a textile representation of the Anderson air raid shelter. (Bute was set up to create jobs for the returning soldiers from World War II). Following the logic that it was likely that any Anderson shelters still standing were probably being used a storage sheds, Tortie’s shelter aims to get visitors thinking about different types of storage as well as a more social focus based on the way we treat our possessions. She has even incorporated a series of ingenious 1940s games to play…with prizes to be won!

Tortie Hoare’s Shelter at Tent London 2011.

Tortie at work on her 2011 textile Anderson shelter

Tortie Hoare graduated last year to much acclaim with her boiled leather furniture  capsule collection winning New Designer of the year at UK graduate exhibition New Designers.

Tortie’s design practice develops and evolves as she continues to experiment with this medieval craft technique, finding innovative ways to combine the traditional with the new and contemporary.

A selection of works from Tortie’s first collection


August 9th, 2011

"Publicity image of Bute fabric samples and JJAM logo"

Celebrating the power of textiles to transform space JJAM challenged 5 design studios: Lost Values, Studio Henny van Nistelrooy, Shell ThomasTortie Hoare, and We Do Studio to create five distinctive fabric shelters for Tent visitors to discover and explore; using off-cuts, samples and discontinued fabrics supplied by Scottish textiles manufacturer Bute Fabrics. It’s up to visitors how they engage with each shelter, whether it’s a place to take a break, a space to play in or even to tweet their latest thoughts.

Studio Henny van Nistelrooy – Read more here.

Shell Thomas – Read more here.

We Do Studio – Read more here.

Lost Values – Read more here.

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July 19th, 2011

JJAM are delighted to be collaborating with the renowned British design textile brand BUTE.

Bute Fabrics are a world-class, forward-thinking company with a sophisticated awareness of the power of textiles. With a traditional heritage, founded over 50 years ago on the Isle of Bute in Scotland by the 5th Marquess, but take a distinctly contemporary approach having collaborated with some the luminaries of the design business; Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison, Matthew Hilton, Barber & Osgerby to weaving for the likes of Knoll International and Habitat.

Bute have kindly provided a selection of their textiles for our commissioned designers to work with to create SHELTER AT TENT 2O11.


July 5th, 2011

JJAM is pleased to announce their designer line up for SHELTER at TENT 2011.

Elena Corchero
Henny van Nistelrooy
Tortie Hoare
Shell Thomas
We.Do Studio

The brief to create a ’shelter’ that Tent visitors can explore and interact with, using off-cuts, by-products and discontinued lines from Scottish textiles manufacturer, Bute Fabrics.

Each design will showcase the imagination, innovation and personality of both the designers and the materials they use.

Everyday Delights – Call for Entries

June 23rd, 2010

JJAM curators collective challenges London based designers to reinvent to classic yellow duster in a way that we never imagined before!

This project aims to use the most banal everyday object to expose and promote the creativity of London’s contemporary design scene.

JJAM will showcase the best 100 designs at our stand at Tent London and in a postcard book to be sold at our website, Tent and various shops.  JJAM has sent invitations to 50 designers to submit their design, the remaining 50 will be chosen through a competition promoted on open to all London based creatives.

JJAM aims for a cross disciplinary outcome and has a strong core of designers on board – amongst others Richard Shed and Demelza Hill – with skills ranging from the fields of fashion and architecture to product and graphic design.  Anything goes, use any number of dusters in any way you wish.


Send us an email to confirm that you would like to enter the competition :


23rd of July 2010


6th of August 2010


JJAM Curators Collective
302 Northside Studios
16-29 Andrews Road
London E8 4QF

Please note that we cannot return submitted designs that have not been chosen for the final selection, however they can be picked up from our offices.


Reuse a yellow duster that you might have at home or order some online.  We prefer the colour and quality of these dusters by CPD available through and, they both offer a pack of 10 for a cheap price. Alternatively we can post you one, just send us an email with your address.


The Tent London installation will comprise a selection of Everyday Delights and a postcard book wall featuring all 100 chosen designs.  Tent London is on from the 23rd to the 26th September and coincides with the London Design Festival.


The 100 selected objects will become part of the Everyday Delights collection, which might tour other venues and get finally auctioned off in a closing event. Profits will go to a London based charity.


By participating, you allow JJAM the right to display, photograph and publish your design online as well as in print.


Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions:

Image Credit: ‘Sunday Best’ jumpsuit by designer Demelza Hill